Friday, February 20, 2015

Projection Screen Buying Guide for Your Next Presentation or Business Purpose

Projection screen, usually a black canvas that you combine with digital projector to display an image. Available in multiple varieties including portable and pop up projection screens, you may get them in various sizes, images, formats and sizes.

Quite popular in businesses and education centers, you need to know proper buying guide before you buy some latest options for your needful.

So, here is a guideline that you need to know before buying one:

Digital Light Processing
DLP projectors reflect light onto a chip with microscopic mirrors, each of which is of one pixel. The light then reflects through projector lens on the screen. DLP is one of the factors you need to check out when you make a decision to purchase a portable movie screen for your weekends.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Make sure that you have chosen a projector with LCD. They have tiny crystals embedded in the screen that glow red, green and blue when electric charge hits it.

LCoS (Liquid Crystal over Silicon)
Similar to DLP, LCoS projectors also emit light at reflective surface. You will find LCoS projectors mostly develop high quality image with more natural look.

Image Resolution
When you will buy a projector, you will find resolution in both numbers and acronyms. Higher resolution means more detailed picture, which is as important as size of projected image grows.

Besides these, brightness, contrast ratio, projector lamps, projector care are other essential factors to look while buying a projector for your business or personal purpose.

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