Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Find Some of the Best Projector Screens at Elite Screens

When we talk about the best projector screen, then it is quite necessary to know about the types of projector screens that are easily available in the market. Therefore, take a look on some of the types of projector screens mentioned herein below:

Diffusion Screens: This is a type of screen that reflects the light uniformly in all the places so that every individual sitting in the room can see the image in the same manner without compromising on the quality. This type of screen reflects amount of light that is equivalent to a standard white board.

Retro-reflective screens: The retro-reflective screens are used in settings where ambient light is in excessive amount. However, these types of screens do not go with ceiling mounted projectors as there are fair chances that the light would reflect back to the projector and the quality of the image would deteriorate for viewers.

Reflective screens: This type of screen plays a vital role when projector screens are used in places with high ambient light. The reflective screens reflect like mirrors; thus, one should not use it with rear end projectors.

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