Thursday, January 25, 2018

Do You Know These Benefits of A Manual Projector Screen Over its Motorized Counterparts?

What is the first thing that comes to our mind while hearing a projector screen? There might be different answers to this question but the most common answer to this is a movie. We often associate a projector screen with movies. This could be in a movie theater or at home or at some other places. But there are a few things that most people might be unaware of. There are a few benefits of a Manual Projector Screen over the motorized counterparts that make them the preferred choice.

The manual screens do not have any mechanical problems that might arise in the case of the motorized projector screens. Above all the motorized screens needs maintenance. It also do not have any retention mechanisms other than the motor that unrolls and rolls the screen. Other than this benefit that it does not need much maintenance as in the motorized screens, it is cost-effective. The technology used in the remote controlled projector screen that is used makes it expensive than the manual projector screens.

With these above mentioned benefits, the mechanical projector screens over their motorized counterparts. The Manual Projector Screen is perfect for almost all of the applications. There are many benefits of a motorized projector screens and in line with the technology. But the mechanical projector screens still remain the best in which one can get the benefits as well as the cost-benefit. These were the main reasons that the manual screens are preferred over the remote controlled projector screens.

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