Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Benefits Of Installing a Reliable Transparent Fixed Projection Screen

With the evolution in technology today, many people are looking to enhance their overall entertainment experience. With so many options out there for home theater we find it interesting that there is a resurgence in projection. As this medium is now being used in many homes and business for its quality, size, and ease of use.

What is surprising is the amount of options available in the world of projection; from ambient light technology to rear projection. The variations and combinations provided by some companies are something to consider when in the market for something truly unique. What we will focus on is what the industry is calling sound transparent fixed projection screens a true ingenuity in technological ingenuity.

A Sound Transparent Fixed Projection Screen indicates the features in this product; A. a sound transparent material that allows sound to pass through it, B. "Fixed" indicating that the screen is fixed to frame for a permanent installation. It is a truly remarkable product, as it provides a true cinematic experience.
Of course this is not a something new, however the options available today do eliminate many issues that previously existed with this type of screen.
Such as the moiré effect, most common with sound transparent screens and projector misalignment.
Furthermore, a fixed frame produces a true flat surface ideal for projection as this is required for optimal viewing.

As a good rule of thumb when considering a sound transparent fixed frame screen is the manufacturer as you want to ensure a quality product. Exploring the web can get you a wide list of trusted companies offering the screen that best fits your needs and budget. 

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