Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Theater Projector Screen for That Actual Movie Hall Experience

Do you want to get the real movie house experience at your home, then the best way you can opt for is home theater projector screen. When you need to project an image or a video, then you must need a projector screen. However, to have an in depth idea about a projector screen, a projector screen is basically a flat screen that is hung on the wall or erected on a vertical position where the image gets reflected. It finally enlarges the size of the image. The surface of the screens are mostly rough, and the color mostly used is white.

When it is about the types of projector screens, then there are various types of projector screens available in the market. Some of them are manual projector screens, home cinema projector screens, fixed frame projector screens, portable projector screens, movie board home cinema projection screens, and electric projector screens. All of these types of screens can be used as home theater projector screens. These screens come in multiple and specialized projections materials that can be customized to add to the quality of the video. The places where these screens can be put are board room, training room, auditorium, etc. Also, the dimensions that these screens are available are many, including the standard size of 4:3 to as huge as 16:9.

Once you have all these information about the home theater projector screen, you are ready to buy one. So, make the move today itself and purchase the screen that you require.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Essential Steps to Follow to Buy a Projection Screen

The projection screen is a kind of installation consisting of a surface and support structure used for displaying a projected image for the view of an audience. The projection screens are either installed permanently like in a movie theatre or can painted on walls. The projection screens are also made portable with tripod or floor rising models like in a conference room or even for outdoor purposes.
Here you will get to know about the basics for making an informed screen purchase. You will find a guide to each material with the information such as gain and viewing angle. Catch the essential steps below:
1.Pick the right kind of projection screen you want to install at your work area or home. The different kinds of projection screens are:
  • Electric projector screen
  • Manual projector screen
  • Fixed frame projector screens
  • Portable projector screens
2.Painting the projector screen is too easy. But before painting, make sure that the surface is made smooth so that the reflected image should be clear.

3.After selecting the screen type, pick the right fabric. Selecting the right fabric could be complicated and so you need to understand the purpose of a screen fabric. Different screen fabrics are designed to handle different applications depending on the resolution of the media being used, the lighting conditions, the viewing angle of the audience and the sound distribution within the environment.

3.After selecting the screen fabric, its time now to pick the best sizes of the screen. The screens are sized in a variety of formats like square format, video format and HDTV format. Square format projector screens have a width to height ratio that is generally 1:1, with some variation. The video format projector screens have a width to height ratio of 4:3 and HDTV format projector screens have a width to height ratio of 16:9.

4.Finally, its time now to find the best screen accessories for your projection screen. It will include the mounting brackets, projector mounts, cables or a remote. Get the best accessories for your projector as per your need.

Contact the professional installers to help you get installed of the best projector screen like Electric Projector Screens, Floor Rising Projection Screen. Even if you want a DIY projection screen, you can get the assistance of these professional installers for a perfect work.

Friday, March 20, 2015

How to Select the Best and Effective Projector Screen for your Use?

Elite Screens
Selecting the best screen is needed to discuss about the project work and making it known to the employees of your company. You will surely express your ideas to your teammates and other employees of the organization by using an effective screen. Simply select the best screen and get them installed by the experts for your use. Different types of screens and their types are available in the market to cater the needs of the clients.

You can think of getting the best wall mount projection screen for your office use. When selecting the screen for your use, it is needed to know your requirements. This will help you to select the best screen for the needed purpose. It is needed for you to know the purpose of the screen and then select the suitable one in an easier way. This will help you to select for the best product and avail the premium benefits by installing them at your property.

Besides this, it is also needed for you to know the common types of products available in the market. You will be able to select the best one only after knowing the common types of screens available in the market. Hence, it is needed for you to consider for the types of screens available for your use to select for the best.

After consider for these common things, approaching a reckoned supplier will serve you with the best benefits. A reckoned supplier will surely offer you the best product for your use.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to Make a DIY Projector Screen at Home?

Everyone loves to watch movies in theatres and so do you. Right? The magic of big screen is truly amazing with the best picture and sound quality. But it is not possible every time to go to theatres and watch your favorite movies. Sometime you may wish to watch some old or retro movies, which cannot be displayed in the theatres near to your home; and you cannot devote your time going there to watch movies frequently. This is why opting for a DIY projection screen is really helpful.

A DIY projection screen may help you to save your money while you are staying at home and watching movies with the same theatrical feel and experience. If you love the big screen look, you can create it at your home with DIY screen. Big screen projectors like LCD projectors, need a screen to project to. But for that, you will have to be financially good, as you will have to spend around $3,000 to $5,000 on a projector. Knowing the LCD projector and screen cost will bring you some idea as to how much you would spend on the home theatre system with projection screen. Although there are many kinds of screens out there, and they range in price from several thousand down to the hundreds, but the DIY projection screen is worth for you.

You can also buy or build a tripod projection screen but will have to face the drawback of repeatedly setting it up and take it down for storing it after using.

Well, while making the projection screen, the one thing that you need to do is to buy a can of screen paint. The top quality screen paint will cost you around $300 for a can and you only need one can. Make your projection screen more effective by painting it perfectly. So after painting your screen, the next best thing that you can do is to arrange for a popcorn and a projector machine to start enjoying your movie at home only.