Monday, March 30, 2015

Essential Steps to Follow to Buy a Projection Screen

The projection screen is a kind of installation consisting of a surface and support structure used for displaying a projected image for the view of an audience. The projection screens are either installed permanently like in a movie theatre or can painted on walls. The projection screens are also made portable with tripod or floor rising models like in a conference room or even for outdoor purposes.
Here you will get to know about the basics for making an informed screen purchase. You will find a guide to each material with the information such as gain and viewing angle. Catch the essential steps below:
1.Pick the right kind of projection screen you want to install at your work area or home. The different kinds of projection screens are:
  • Electric projector screen
  • Manual projector screen
  • Fixed frame projector screens
  • Portable projector screens
2.Painting the projector screen is too easy. But before painting, make sure that the surface is made smooth so that the reflected image should be clear.

3.After selecting the screen type, pick the right fabric. Selecting the right fabric could be complicated and so you need to understand the purpose of a screen fabric. Different screen fabrics are designed to handle different applications depending on the resolution of the media being used, the lighting conditions, the viewing angle of the audience and the sound distribution within the environment.

3.After selecting the screen fabric, its time now to pick the best sizes of the screen. The screens are sized in a variety of formats like square format, video format and HDTV format. Square format projector screens have a width to height ratio that is generally 1:1, with some variation. The video format projector screens have a width to height ratio of 4:3 and HDTV format projector screens have a width to height ratio of 16:9.

4.Finally, its time now to find the best screen accessories for your projection screen. It will include the mounting brackets, projector mounts, cables or a remote. Get the best accessories for your projector as per your need.

Contact the professional installers to help you get installed of the best projector screen like Electric Projector Screens, Floor Rising Projection Screen. Even if you want a DIY projection screen, you can get the assistance of these professional installers for a perfect work.

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