Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Projection Screens That Fit Your Purpose and Enhance Your Experience

Televisions are a great invention, but if you want more epic entertainment, you need a projection screen. However, projection screens mostly overlooked when it comes to choosing the audiovisual equipment for business or home theater experience. Still, for the better experience, you can get ample of choices available in the market. While you make a plan to choose the projection screen, the best type of the screen depends on purpose for which you are purchasing; another factor to consider is location where you are going to use it.

In this blog, you will get an overview on types of projection screens available and let you choose the right one for your purpose.

Movie Projection Screen 

If you want theater like experience in your home, movie projection screens meet your need. Mostly installed in malls, theater and shops, you can get them installed in your home for a theater like experience.

Portable Projection Screen 

If you have to use the projection screen in different locations, portable projection screens are the best option. The portable projection screens have demand among the businesses that perform presentation at clients’ office, convention centers, for conferences in hotels and organizations     and by the event promotion companies.

Suitable for great flexibility, you can transport from one location to another, also quick, easy to install and use.

Tabletop Projection Screen

The smaller version of pull up screens, you can position them on tabletop, pull outward, and then stabilize it with the foldout feet. You can get for presentations to smaller groups and in the situations where there’s a lack of presentation space.

Whether you get one of them or choose other projection screens like rear projection screen make sure that you have considered mounting options and size that fits within your budget and demand.

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